Free the kitsch Athens Film Fest was created in 2021 in Athens by a group of filmmakers, programmers, designers, artists and performers with the aim to combine film and fashion and create a strong independent artistic community that presents its works in an annual base.

Free the kitsch is more than a film festival: it is a 3-day celebration that brings together the most contemporary, edgy, experimental, underground aspects of film, fashion, performance and visual arts and presents a program full of screenings, installations, performances, workshops, talks, parties and, of course, an extravagant Catwalk that takes place the last night of the festival.

In 2021, more than 40 classic and contemporary films from 19 countries were screened and more than 20 local fashion designers and models were presented.

The festival is organized by the team of filmmakers and curators Interferences and the art space KINO 28 at Communitism, one of the most beautiful re-activated early 20th century buildings in the heart of Athens.