Free the kitsch – Athens Film Fest is a celebration of film, performance and sustainable fashion that aims to showcase the most controversial, DADA, queer, underground, experimental, DIY, surprisingly beautiful works and to question the boundaries between proper and improper, mainstream and underground, popular and fine art. It takes place in different cultural spaces in Athens, in collaboration with socio-cultural projects, independent artists and collectives.

The festival brings together the most transgressive, unique, bizarre and inspiring aspects of film, fashion, performance and visual arts and presents a program full of screenings, installations, performances, workshops, talks, parties and, of course, an extravagant Catwalk that takes place during the festival. 

Our call for next edition’s films is now closed! Thank you for submitting your films and stay tuned for the selection results!


We screen a diverse selection of films, during the days of the festival as well as in special screenings and events throughout the year. Even if your film is not selected for the festival, it is very possible to contact you for another screening opportunity.

Days in total
Production Countries


Learn, share & shine!
Develop your skills through a kitsch perspective.
Each year we offer a series of workshops, such as drawing, costume and masks design, lighting, animation and more skills that intersect with cinema, fashion and performance. Stay tuned for our workshop announcements!

Art Projects

Performances & shows
Art shows and performances take place during the festival. Look carefully through the program and discover the installations, performances, and pop-up shows made by local and visiting artists.

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From the catwalk to the dance floor!

Connecting cinema with fashion, music and the performative arts, Free the Kitsch’s annual Catwalk is a showcase of the local alternative fashion scene, accompanied by live music and projections. More than 20 fashion designers and performers/models participated in 2021 and were presented by the sensational MC Kangela.

Team & Venue

Free the kitsch – Athens Film Fest is organized by Interferences in collaboration with KINO 28 and KeramoLab.

Interferences is a team of filmmakers and curators created in 2021 with the aim to continuously explore the interactions between the art of cinema and other arts, as well as the relationships that cinema maintains with science, technology, politics and especially with those forms of self-expression that go beyond the strict framework of the traditional artistic activity. KINO 28 is an art lab and cultural space that organizes screenings and music events , initially based at the socio-cultural project Communitism, an open community of creative professionals that revives abandoned or under-utilized cultural heritage buildings. KaramoLab is a collective space created to facilitate artistic creation. It holds various workshops throughout the year and makes props for events, festivals and music concerts.